LabRAM HR 800 Raman Spectrometer is a powerful optical technique for materials study and characterization based on inelastic scattering of light due to light-matter interaction during which the energy of the incident laser will be shifted. This energy loss is characteristic for a particular bond in the molecule. The Raman spectrum provide qualitative and quantitative information: peak position is determined by chemical species; line intensity is proportional to concentration; shift in position of the peak indicate the stress and temperature effect and the width the structural disorder.


  • Laser source: 488nm (50mW), 633nm (air-cooled HeNe laser)
  • Micro-raman measurement: 300cm-1-3000cm-1 (High frequency mode), 50cm-1 – 300cm-1 (Low frequency mode); spectral resolution 1–2 cm-1
  • Infra-red micro-Raman
  • Photoluminescence (500nm – 800nm)
  • High precision motorised XY translation stage for Raman confocal mapping
  • Unique adjustable angle notch filter technology;

Raman Spectrometer can be used for the analysis of solids, liquids and solutions for:

  • chemical identification, characterization of molecular structures;
  • to determine the composition and phase (crystalline/amorphous) of composites materials;
  • environmental stress on a sample and crystal quality and composition of alloy semiconductors;
  • nature of oxides on compound semiconductors;
  • polymers characterizations and polimer nanocomposites;
  • chemical and biological detection using SERS technique;
  • micro/nano structures characterization ( micro/nanorods,  carbon nanotubes), self assembled molecule (SAM) on functionalized substrate and other.

User Fees:
AP users
PolyU internal users
UGC-funded institutes
External User
$60 / hr
$60 / hr
$120 / hr
$210 / hr
$ 300 / hr